A message from Ginger Munroe, League of Our Own Founder and Board President Emeritus:

A League of Our Own was designed to give special needs children the opportunity to do what all children should have a chance to do……..play baseball. 

The idea was inspired by my niece, who has autism. There was nothing for her to do locally.  After researching several sports-related avenues , this seemed to be the one that could encompass all types of special needs children.  I contacted someone who works for the City of Oxford and we sat down with the Parks and Recreation Director and began to work toward making this happen. With the support of the City and donations from local business we were able to make this vision become a reality. 


This is not only designed for these children to play baseball but also to help these  children build self-esteem.  They get to know what it is like to be part of a team in a sports related activity. They get to play on their own terms without worrying about being laughed at or someone getting mad. This is very important to their youth development.

 On April 7, 2012, we played our first game. We had two teams, nine players on each team. Each player had a “buddy” on the field with them if they needed assistance.   We played two innings. In each inning all the players batted, ran the bases and scored. We ended our season on April 28,2012. 

We joined in a partnership with Eastman Corporation (formerly Solutia), and The City of Oxford to start the project.  It was completed in 2015,  and we started playing on it soon after. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for visiting our website, and we hope to see you this season!